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Earth Hangs Upon Nothing

We find “the Earth hangs upon nothing” in the book of Job – which is one of the oldest books of the Bible, probably being written sometime between 1900 and 1700 BC. Job 26:7 states that: He stretcheth out the … Continue reading

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No contradictions in history

Skeptics have seen their historical and archeological arguments against the bible removed, one by one, over the years. The name “Canaan” was once attacked as fictitious, but this was recently found in a clay tablet found in the city of … Continue reading

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Non-Biblical Evidence for Jesus

There are three main points of non-biblical evidence for Jesus; Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, and Josephus. Tacitus, in discussing Emperor Nero’s decision to blame Christians for the fire that destroyed Rome in 64 AD, (cited in Annals, 15.44): Nero fastened … Continue reading

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Israel in Prophecy

Israel in prophecy has several key points which have been fulfilled: Destruction of Israel by Rome Israel to become a wasteland People of Israel to be exiled, scorned, ridiculed Israel to be inhabited by enemies People of Israel to never … Continue reading

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Proverbs 30:4 Symmetry

Proverbs 30:4-6 speak of a mystery, particularly to followers of Judaism, as it asks the question, what is God’s Son’s name? Who has ascended into heaven, or descended? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the … Continue reading

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I’d rather live my life as though God exists

I’d rather live my life as though God exists and find out he doesn’t, than live my life as though God doesn’t exist, and find out he does. The logic of this statement should be obvious: If God exists, and … Continue reading

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An Unflattering Portrait is More Likely True

An Unflattering Portrait is More Likely True It stands to reason that the writers of the bible would want to make themselves, and their people, look good. Yet instead, we find one example after another of bad character, bad choices, … Continue reading

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The Number Seven in Scripture

The significance of the number seven in the bible It is significant that the number seven, which stands for completeness, would be repeated in so many significant ways. I will divide this into two parts: Part I – The significance … Continue reading

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Neurosurgeon in coma sees Heaven

One of the better stories, this one by a neurosurgeon who lay in a coma, and suddenly became aware of another reality – and claims to have seen Heaven. From an article in Newsweek magazine, with accompanying video. What is … Continue reading

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When Nothing is not Nothing

In a book called A Universe from Nothing, Lawrence Krauss attempts to demonstrate that the universe could have come from “nothing”. This post debates that position, and holds that when you call upon laws of quantum mechanics and wave functions … Continue reading

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