The below text is paraphrased from Is There a God

The complexity of Earth points to a designer

The earth is perfectly sized to generate gravity to hold a breathable atmosphere, it’s the right distance from the sun, our moon is perfectly placed to generate ocean tides, the miraculous nature of water on our planet supports life, and the human eye can distinguish seven million colors and can handle over a million messages simultaneously. 

The universe’s start had to be caused by something or someone

Science ‘cannot find out what caused’ the universe to come into being; with such a key puzzle piece missing, we need to at least consider that the cause was outside of itself. 

The uniform laws of nature

The protron-electron mass ratio is the same on Earth as it is in every other galaxy. How is it that this value, and the many other natural laws, do not change? Feynman said “Why nature is mathematical is a mystery… the fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle.”

The complexity of the DNA code

Every cell in our bodies is driven by detailed codes; every cell has three billion chemical instructions which tell the cell how to act. This precises complexity hints strongly at the possibility that someone or something constructed it. 

The life-changing nature of encounters with God

Many people have had the clear impression that God ‘wanted to be known’ which became a catalyst in their own understanding of Him. Searching YouTube for testimonies will generate hundreds of compelling videos detailing human encouters with God. 

The unique testimony of Jesus 

Buddha, Muhammad, Confucious and Moses all identified themselves as being prophets. Only Jesus (Yeshua) identified Himself as being equal to God.