Evidence to Consider

God will not force Himself on you, but if you seek evidence that He exists, or that the Bible is the Word of God, or that Jesus is the Messiah, it can be found, and the quality and quantity of evidence is staggering. The more you look, the deeper and more fascinating the evidence gets.

Thank you for visiting this site; here we present the most poignant evidences we have found for God, the scriptures and the Savior. We pray you will find something meaningful here.

1. Scientific Evidence for God

Something from Nothing: Something cannot come from nothing, meaning that something must have preceded the Big Bang or initial creation of the universe. Read More

Fine Tuning: Fine-tuning of 30 physical properties, from gravity to mass to the cosmological constant, indicate that this universe is tuned to support life, against enormous odds. Read More

Creation of Life: The creation of life on earth is far too complex to happen by itself. Read More

Six days, or ‘periods of time’: Because of the Hebrew meaning for the word ‘day’ in scripture, there is room for debate as to whether the six days of creation and a young earth are true, or if the days were actually ‘periods of time’. Read More

2. Philosophical Evidence for God

Moral Values: The existence of contingent beings and objective moral values in the world are all evidences for the existence of God. Read More

Changed Lives: Changed lives of Christians demonstrate evidence of attitude and life changes that are profound and worth consideration as evidence of supernatural transformation. Read More

3. Fulfilled Prophecy

Israel will be destroyed and reborn: Prophetic scriptures determined that Israel would be destroyed, become a wasteland, the Jews would be exiled and scorned, but the people would one day return, and the land would once again become fruitful. Read More

Jesus as the Messiah detailed in the Old Testament: Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and many other verses depict a righteous, suffering Messiah who takes on the sin of others and dies just as He died. Read More

4. Jewish Tradition

The Elements of Passover: The Jewish Passover ceremony, still practiced today, points to Jesus as the Messiah. Read More

Talmudic records of a barren temple: The Jewish Talmud records four distinct indicators that God had abandoned the temple at roughly 30AD; approximately when Jesus was crucified. Read More