The Existence of God

There are many points of evidence for the existence of God, but on this page we keep the focus on those areas which are more basic and science-based. The other pages and posts on this site also contain evidence for the existence of God, though through different lenses.

The Creation of the Universe

One of these points of evidence for the existence of God is the creation of the universe itself. If you follow the latest conclusions science has made in this regard, there are very few explanations for the creation of the universe; we know about the big bang, but we don’t know much about how it started. It seems clear that the universe had to have a beginning; but could this beginning have begun with gravity itself, or some other cosmic bootstrap principle? And when someone says that the universe began from nothing, exactly how does something come from nothing (see “when nothing is not nothing“).

Fine-Tuning of the Universe

Another key point of evidence is the fine-tuning we see from physics calculations of the first second after the big bang occurred. These calculations demonstrate that there are at over 25 variables, such as the overall mass of the universe at the time of the big bang, the expansion rate of the universe, and the cosmological constant, which, if any of them were even slightly different, would result in a universe without life. Yet somehow our universe has all of these variables adjusted just right to support life. As with the creation of the universe, there are two major explanations for this; one, God fine-tuned the universe for life; and two, there are an infinite number of universes, a “multiverse” if you will, and since there are so many, pure chance dictates that some of them would have all of their variables adjusted perfectly to support life. Take the multiverse argument to its natural conclusion, and there would be an infinite number of universes which support life. Really, an infinite number of universes, just to explain some fine-tuning we see around us? Which of these two explanations is more likely?

The Creation of Life

Once we get past the creation of the universe and the question of fine-tuning, we come to the other difficult area – the creation of life itself on earth. Life has never been created in a laboratory, using conditions that were known to exist in earth’s distant past. And the complexity involved in the simplest life forms boggles the mind. There is an integrated complexity in living systems where many components and chemical processes must work together to produce results for the life form, which works against the explanation of pure chance being the source of life on earth. Here, again, there are two options; either God created life, or it happened by chance.

The Bias of a Materialist Philosophy

A materialist, that is, someone who believes that the universe and all life around us came to be without divine motive or any intelligent guidance, is necessarily limited by his or her worldview, because, as Dr. Richard Lewontin of Harvard University has said:

Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door”

Such a bias would certainly cause a type of blindness if there were a spiritual or non-material source for the universe or life itself. How then can we put 100% trust in materialist science?

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