The Origin of Scripture

What is the origin of scripture? Whether or not the scriptures of the bible (the Jewish Tenach and the New Testament) are God-inspired or not is the question. Many people have already decided that, because of some portions of scripture do not match up to what they would expect a Godlike Being to write, the scriptures must have originated from the mind of men. But it is possible that such a Godlike Being could be privy to knowledge that we, as humans walking the earth for a few short years, may not possess. With that in mind, it may be worth reconsidering that scripture may indeed by inspired by the Spirit of God, acting through men.

Prophetic Evidence for the Origin of Scripture

One evidence for this is prophecy – the bible states certain things that will occur, and history has borne these out – notably

  • the destruction of Israel by Rome
  • Israel becoming a wasteland
  • the people of Israel being exiled and scorned
  • Israel being inhabited by enemies
  • people of Israel never ceasing to be a nation to God
  • people of Israel one day returning after being exiled
  • and the land of Israel once again becoming fruitful

Further Evidence for the Origin of Scripture

Further evidence for the Origin of Scripture can be found throughout the categories found to the right, but particularly in the categories:

  • Prophecies, Biblical
  • Prophecies, Messianic
  • Science in Scripture
  • Scripture