The universe has a beginning, and therefore must have been created. This is a fantastic video with snippets from several scientists and philosphers.

End Theory attempts to allow the laws of physics to create the big bang. Stephen Hawking states that “because of gravity, the universe can and will create itself”. Laws do not create, they can be descriptive and predictive, but they cannot, in themselves, create (see video betw aprox 11.00 and 14.00).

Anything that is created needs a creating agent. Laws of physics can explain how a jet engine works, but there had to be an agent, and some material (which is not produced by laws either), to do it.

Peter Adkins purports that “space-time generates its own dust in the generation of its own self-assembly” according to his “cosmic bootstrap principle” which is as self-contradictory as a person lifting himself in the air by pulling on his own bootstraps. If we are going to put our faith in a cosmic boostrap, or God, there is no competition (aprox 16.50).

Strict naturalism which creates matter and the universe itself through mere laws of physics is pure science fiction.