There are dozens of clear references to the Messiah in the Old Testament, which are fulfilled by the life of Jesus. Here are just a few:

Messiah to be the seed of a woman:
Prophecy: Genesis 3:15
Fulfillment: Galatians 4:4

Messiah to be the seed of Abraham:
Prophecy: Genesis 12:2
Fulfillment: Matthew 1:1

Messiah to be of the tribe of Judah:
Prophecy: Genesis 49:10
Fulfillment: Matthew 1:2

Messiah to be of the seed of David:
Prophecy: Psalm 132:11
Fulfillment: Acts 2:30

Messiah to be a prophet like (greater than) Moses:
Prophecy: Deuteronomy 18:15
Fulfillment: Matthew 21:11

Messiah to be the Son of God:
Prophecy: Psalm 2:7
Fulfillment: Matthew 3:17

Messiah to be raised from the dead:
Prophecy: Psalm 16:10
Fulfillment: Acts 13:35-37

Messiah to be crucified:
Prophecy: Psalm 22
Fulfillment: Matthew 27:34

Messiah to be at the right hand of God:
Prophecy: Psalm 110:1
Fulfillment: Matthew 27:64

Messiah to be the head cornerstone the builders rejected:
Prophecy: Psalm 118:22-23
Fulfillment: Matthew 21:42-43