Evidence for the Exodus

One of the most important biblical events was the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Is there any viable evidence for this? The video below is the single best source of evidence I have ever seen; it gives evidence that the Israelites existed in ancient Egypt, it demonstrates a possible path from Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba off of the North Sea, and gives video footage of coral forms that look very much like the remains of chariot wheels under the water.

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How CS Lewis came to Believe

A short seven-minute drama that describes how CS Lewis went from being an atheist, to being a deist, to finally believing that Jesus is the Son of God, ending with the thought:

It was like when a man after a long sleep becomes aware that he is now awake.

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Fascinating Testimony from Kim Walker of Jesus Culture

This Fascinating Testimony from Kim Walker of Jesus Culture includes a vision she had while praying and her vision coordinated with the events around her in a very unusual way. Hard to explain. Check it out.

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Changed Lives – Attempted Suicide goes to Hell

Changed lives – Attempted Suicide goes to Hell – is the Fascinating story of a drug overdose that sent a woman to hell, what she saw and learned.

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The Meaning of God’s Name

Hebrew name of God

God’s name in Hebrew, from right to left.

Whenever you see the words The LORD in the English bible, it is actually a substitute for the actual name of God, YVHV, sometimes pronounced as Yahweh.

The ancient Hebrew alphabet has meanings attached to each of its 22 letters (see a chart of Hebrew letters and their meanings here if you like). The letters used in the name of God, YVHV, are the Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey, corresponding to:

Yod – picture (Arm and closed hand) – meaning (work, throw, worship)

Hey – picture (Man with arms raised) – meaning (look, reveal, breath)

Vav – picture (Tent peg (or nail)) – meaning (add, secure, hook)

So we could say that going from right to left (as Hebrew is read), the meaning of God’s name is The Hand Revealed, The Nail Revealed. Here is a site that goes into more detail on this.


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Junk DNA not junk at all

“Junk DNA” is a term used since 1972 by scientists to describe DNA which did not have any apparent function.

Evolutionists believed this was clear proof of evolution. The logic builds from copyright law. When trying to determine if two authors of a work, by chance, wrote the same work independently, or if one copied the other, you look for spelling or grammatical errors which one author could have inadvertently copied from the other author in the process of stealing the work. Many shared errors in both author’s works indicate they came from a common source.

Evolutionists applied this argument to pseudogenes (DNA which is said to be defective, or using our copyright law analogy, the spelling errors). So evolutionists looked for errors in DNA between species, and when they found them, they assumed there was a common ancestor (a common source, using our copyright analogy).

But a recent federal project involving over 400 scientists around the world has found that the “Junk DNA” actually holds at least four million gene switches that control how organs, cells, and other parts of living tissue behave. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed, according to the article.

For the original article covering the recent discovery that “Junk DNA” is not junk at all, click here.




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Talmudic Evidence for Existence of Jesus

Second-century writings in the Jewish Talmud (traditional laws and writings) give us talmudic evidence for the existence of Jesus, whose Hebrew name was Yeshua. As would be expected, since the rulers of the time were against Jesus, the citations are all on the negative side, nonetheless they serve as evidence he did exist.

On the eve of Passover Yeshu was hanged. For forty days before the execution took place, a herald went forth and cried, “He is going forth to be stoned because he has practiced sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy. Any one who can say anything in his favour, let him come forward and plead on his behalf.” But since nothing was brought forward in his favour he was hanged on the eve of the Passover! – Ulla retorted: Do you suppose that he was one for whom a defence could be made? Was he not a _Mesith_ [enticer], concerning him Scripture says, _Neither shalt though spare, neither shalt thou conceal him?_ With Yeshu however it was different, for he was connected with the government for royalty [i.e., influential]. Our Rabbis taught: Yeshu had five disciples, Matthai, Nakai, Nezer, Buni, and Todah.

from Baraitha Bab. Sanhedrin 43a

“May our company not be like that of Elisha, from which issued Gehazi. _In our bread places_: may we produce no son or pupil who disgraces himself in public.” One manuscript (M) adds to the end of this saying, “like the Nazarene.”

from b. Berakot

“Jesus the Nazarene [who] practised magic and led Israel astray.”

from b. Sabbat 116b and b. Sanhedrin 107b

Check out a related post that demonstrates talmudic evidence for the Messiah at 30 AD, here.

Read more about these examples at http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/talmud.html


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Jewish Passover points to Jesus

The traditional Jewish Passover points to Jesus as the Messiah in several distinct ways:

  1. The Passover bread, or “Matza” bread, is pierced, striped, and leaven/yeast free. The holes in this bread suggest the holes in the Savoir’s hands; the striped burn marks on the bread suggest the stripes He received when he was whipped before being crucified; and the yeast-free nature of the Matza bread suggests His sinlessness (as Yeast represents sin in Biblical scripture).
  2. Jesus was crucified at the same time as the Jewish Passover took place.
  3. In the Passover dinner, a piece of Matza bread is broken off and hidden in a linen chamber, called the Afikomen. This linen cloth is then hidden away for children to find at the close of the dinner, who will then receive candy or money as a reward. This hiding away of the bread suggests the way that Jesus’ body was wrapped in linen and hidden away in a cave.
  4. In the traditional Passover of years gone past, a suitable lamb was found and inspected to make sure it was “spotless” and suitable as the Passover sacrifice. In much the same way, Jesus was “inspected” by the Pharasees and Pontius Pilate before He was sacrificed.
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Scripture hints at the Expanding Universe

The work of Edwin Hubble in the 1900s and Saul Perlmutter in the 1990s has helped us to understand that the universe is expanding. Until their work, this idea was counter-intuitive, and a static universe was what most scientists believe to be the case.

Is it true that scripture hints at the expanding universe? These verses, all of them written long before Christ, could be interpreted that way:

Job 9:8 –

He alone spreads out the heavens,
And treads on the waves of the sea;

Psalm 104:2 –

Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment,
Who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.

Isaiah 42:5

 Thus says God the Lord,
Who created the heavens and stretched them out,
Who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it,
Who gives breath to the people on it,
And spirit to those who walk on it:

Jerimiah 10:12 –

He has made the earth by His power,
He has established the world by His wisdom,
And has stretched out the heavens at His discretion.

Zechariah 12:1 –

The burden of the word of the Lord against Israel. Thus says the Lord, who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him:

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Scripture speaks of invisible building blocks

In Hebrews 11:3, scripture speaks of invisible building blocks of matter, which we now know to be molecules, atoms, quarks; objects so small they cannot be seen. This verse suggests an understanding of scientific truth that may been a part of Greek philosophical theory, but would not have been “known” as true in such early times.

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

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